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Don’t They Look Festive?

It wasn’t long into Cushman’s Greenhouse history before Nick and Steve started experimenting with growing poinsettias. It all begins when pots are filled with our custom soil in preparation for the rooted poinsettia cuttings which arrive early August. The poinsettias are then carefully watched and cared for. We want nothing but the best quality poinsettias for our wholesale and retail customers!

The traditional red remains the popular color, but at Cushman’s Greenhouse, you will also find shades of pink, salmon, white, purple, and blue! There are varieties with flecked leaves or a paint-spattered effect, even a marble look. It is a breathtaking display of Christmas color!

We offer a 5" pot which is the perfect size for a desktop or small space. The 6" pot is the more traditional size while our 7" and 8" pots and 12" hanging baskets are the poinsettias that will make a statement! Add a colored pot cover with a bow and how about glitter to give it a shimmer, all at no extra charge!

Our homegrown poinsettias are available for all your church, business, gift giving and home decorating needs. We also provide fundraising opportunities. Stop by this Christmas season and pick up a poinsettia. Feel free to call ahead, and we will have your order ready for you.

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